My name is Rev Alex B Noble. I am a Church of Scotland minister, currently serving as the Parish Minister of Saltcoats North Parish Church in Saltcoats in Ayrshire, Scotland. I have been a minister since my ordination in 1982.

I believe that I was called by God to be a minister from before I was born, from before the foundation of the earth as St Paul puts it. When I was only eight years old I discovered that God had called me to be a minister for Him. I went straight from school to university and into parish ministry. My whole life has been geared to parish ministry.

When I was nine my father announced that he was going to start studying to become a minister. I followed his progress with particular interest. When I was sixteen he became the Parish Minister of Newarthill Parish Church near Motherwell, Scotland. He was 28 years in that charge. He has always been my minister as well as my father. He is still this minister's minister. He coached me in ways that the university never could.

It is my philosophy of life that life is like a relay race. We get our one lap of the track. We inherit the baton from our fathers and forefathers and we pass on the baton to our children and children's children... and so the corporate kitty of knowledge and experience grows and grows. I have been wonderfully blessed by many good teachers; I have been guided and inspired by God Himself through this God-Guided-Tour of life. Now, as I grow older, and before I finally leave the track to take my place in the grandstand with all the other members of the communion of saints who continually cheer on the current athletes lest they drop the hard worked for baton, I want to pass on the benefit of my experience to you, dear browser.

Everything on this website has been passed on to me by others directly or indirectly and in the same way I offer it to you. It is not copyrighted by me so you can take it and use it as you wish in God's service. It is from Him and for Him through me and through you.